LevelTech: Building a Vibrant Community Around Ratings, Inspired by Strava’s Success


In the realm of sports and fitness, we’ve witnessed the immense power of community-driven platforms like Strava, which have transformed the way endurance athletes connect, engage, and improve. Now, LevelTech, a groundbreaking platform, aims to harness the same spirit of community and passion by creating social networks centred around accurate ratings.

Drawing inspiration from the success of Strava and the transformative impact of SquashLevels, LevelTech is poised to revolutionize the amateur sports landscape. In this blog, we explore how LevelTech can recreate the community-building phenomenon seen in Strava by connecting amateur athletes through ratings and fostering a desire for improvement.

Embracing Amateur Athletes’ Desire for Improvement

At the heart of LevelTech’s vision is the recognition that amateur athletes have an innate desire to improve. Regardless of skill level or sport, athletes yearn to see progress and strive for personal bests. LevelTech provides a platform where athletes can monitor their performance, set goals, and track their progress over time. By offering accurate ratings, LevelTech not only fuels the desire for improvement but also establishes a strong foundation for building engaged communities.

Creating a Network of Like-Minded Individuals

LevelTech’s innovative approach allows amateur athletes to connect and engage with others who share their passion for improvement. Just as Strava unites endurance athletes by building communities all centered around GPS tracking, LevelTech enables athletes to find common ground based on their ratings.

Athletes can find others who are at a similar skill level, connect with them, arrange friendly matches or training, and share insights and training tips. This sense of community fosters camaraderie, encouragement, and healthy competition among amateur athletes.

Driving Engagement Amongst Amateur Athletes

LevelTech has created a platform where athletes can showcase their progress and celebrate milestones as well as understand more about their opponents. By sharing Win Streaks, success stories, and inspiring journeys, LevelTech cultivates a sense of inspiration and motivation within the community. Athletes are able to follow friends and competitors to get a better understanding of the current form.

Useful tools such as the Head-to-Head Comparison Feature allows players to get a better understanding of future opponents and set achievable goals depending on the differences in level. LevelTech offers a tangible and meaningful measure of athletes playing level, the dynamic nature of the algorithm means that it drives engagement as players return time after time to get a deeper insight into the impact of their latest results.

Leveraging the Power of Technology

LevelTech’s success hinges on its commitment to building technology to provide a seamless user experience. The LevelTech platform can be white-labelled to cater to the needs of the partner organisations and the SquashLevels offering has demonstrated what is possible when a whole sport gets behind ratings and buys into a united vision at a global level. The offering works just as well at a local or national level with white-labelled solutions giving clubs or national federations the opportunity to build their own social platforms that deliver tangible value and high levels of engagement for their members.

By developing a user-friendly platform that integrates accurate ratings, LevelTech ensures that athletes can effortlessly monitor their progress, connect with others, and find players of a similar standard. This technology-driven approach, combined with a focus on fostering a sense of community, positions LevelTech as the go-to platform for federations looking to help amateur athletes seeking improvement and connection.

Drawing Inspiration from Strava’s Success

LevelTech draws inspiration from the tremendous success of Strava in building a thriving community around GPS tracking. Just as Strava has revolutionized the way endurance athletes connect, LevelTech aims to do the same by building social networks around accurate ratings. LevelTech seeks to create a similar sense of camaraderie and support among amateur athletes who share a common passion for improving their skills and achieving personal goals.


LevelTech, inspired by the community-driven success of Strava, is poised to revolutionize the amateur sports landscape by creating vibrant social networks in conjunction with organisations of all sizes, centred around accurate ratings. By catering to the inherent desire for improvement among amateur athletes, LevelTech connects like-minded individuals and provides a platform for sharing achievements, training insights, and personal journeys.

Through the power of technology and a commitment to fostering a sense of community, LevelTech aims to replicate the success of Strava, creating an inclusive and engaging environment for organisations looking to help athletes to connect, improve, and inspire one another.



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