SquashLevels: Revolutionizing Squash Rating Systems and Building a Global Community

The Best Rating System in the World

The SquashLevels rating system is a product of 10 years of hard work and extensive data analysis. The system is fundamentally based on the idea that if you score twice as many points as your opponent, you are twice as good as them. However, the system is much more nuanced, taking into account various factors such as behavioural modelling and player performance across different leagues and tournaments.
SquashLevels’ ranking lists are trusted by many clubs and counties throughout the UK, and many teams are picked based on the SquashLevels algorithm.

Accuracy is vitally important to the success of the platform and we have painstakingly optimised the algorithm over the past decade to create something that is trusted by the whole squash community. However, accuracy is not the only metric we take seriously, we also pay huge attention to our engagement metrics and as a result, have created a system that is not only highly accurate but also dynamic enough to mean that players come back to the platform to check what impact their latest result has had on their level. This is one of the things that makes SquashLevels and LevelTech unique in the way we approach ratings.

As a consequence of this, our registration and membership stats surpass all typical industry figures when it comes to the adoption of the platform. The North-West Counties is the largest squash league in the world with 2000 players competing every week. Of those players, 69% have registered on SquashLevels and 19% have a paid subscription. Email open rates are over 70% because players care about their level. These figures are unheard of in any other sector and demonstrate the engagement that the platform is able to create.

An Inclusive System

SquashLevels works with existing competition management tools such as SportyHQ, Tournament Software, and Sports Manager. It is connected to over 60 different results system providers globally, with results flowing to SquashLevels via an API once matched are played. Players do not have to manually add results to the system, and they can simply log in and see the key stats around their performances when they appear on the system.

A Global Community

The platform is designed to foster community and facilitate interaction between squash players worldwide. The community feature allows players to join various clubs, counties, and other organizations to keep up to date with all the latest information. The communities are auto-generated and provide players with notifications when a new post goes out. SquashLevels is connected to many different squash communities, making it easy for players to keep track of their performances and engage with other players worldwide.

The Power of Social Networking

During the global lockdown, SquashLevels turned its attention to creating a social network that ensured squash players could remain connected with their friends and teammates, as well as keeping an eye on what potential opponents were up to. The platform has developed several social features, including the ability to follow other players, share recent test results, and receive feedback from other players who are following you.

The platform’s social features also include the ability to add comments on someone’s activity, direct messaging, and finding new players to practice and play with. SquashLevels aims to build on the sense of companionship and competition amongst teammates by providing tools to interact with each other, as well as creating the opportunity for some friendly banter along the way.


SquashLevels is a revolutionary platform that has changed the way squash players of all levels interact with each other. The platform’s rating system is widely trusted, and the community feature facilitates unheard-of levels of engagement while creating player interactions worldwide. SquashLevels’ social networking features provide an opportunity for players to connect with each other, share their results and achievements, and engage in friendly competition. The platform has created a new digital touchpoint for clubs, brands, and federations to engage with a highly engaged squash-playing audience while they are thinking about the sport that they love.



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