Professional Squash Association and Squash Media & Marketing Invest in LevelTech Sports Ratings Systems

Following a successful launch last month, LevelTech, designed to be the most accurate rating platform for racket sports, has announced investment backing from a number of leading groups in squash including the Professional Squash Association (PSA) and Squash Media & Marketing (SMM).

Continuing on from a major announcement from the PSA in 2023 that businessman and philanthropist Mark Walter had acquired a stake in SMM, the commercial arm of the PSA, as part of a major investment into the sport, this announcement with LevelTech marks the latest phase in improving the participation and enjoyment of the sport.

LevelTech provides federations and organisations around the world with a highly accurate ratings platform that uses algorithms to replace outdated systems across all racket sports. The UK based technology company provides world leading licenced and white labelled technology that gives all players from the everyday amateur to a world number 1, an up-to-date rating based on each point they play. The connected community then allows all players to follow, interact, compare, and keep track of performances, while finding and arranging competitive matches.  

Backing from the Akira Financial Limited was also granted and will be used alongside wider investment to expand the development team and build partnerships in wider racket sports. 

Jethro Binns, Co-Founder of LevelTech said: We’re thrilled to continue our work with the PSA and have the backing from SMM. Over the last few years, we have seen an energising shift in squash with technology at the core. With our plans to expand on the 30,000 regular users of LevelTech and SquashLevels, we look forward to continuing our work to bring new tech to replace outdated systems to make squash more enjoyable for all.”

Alex Gough, Chief Executive of the PSA said: “We’re delighted to announce our investment in LevelTech. We have seen first-hand what they do for players, clubs, federations and other key stakeholders in squash and believe that their technology could have a similar positive impact on other point-based (racket) sports. We are therefore backing their vision to extend beyond squash and are excited to see how the wider sports community can benefit from LevelTech’s expertise.”

John Emin, Owner at Akira Financial added: “I’m incredibly excited about Akira Financial’s investment in LevelTech, especially at a time when racket sports are experiencing unprecedented growth and recognition. The inclusion of squash in the Olympic conversation, alongside the meteoric rise of padel and pickleball, highlights the commercial opportunities within this sector. Having previously invested in SquashSkills, I’ve seen firsthand the impact that innovative technology and passionate communities can have on a sport’s development and accessibility. LevelTech’s vision aligns perfectly with this trajectory, promising to not only enhance the racket sports landscape but also to redefine it. This is a great time to be involved in racket sports, and I’m eager to see how our investment will contribute to the global evolution of the brand.”

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