The easy way to manage and improve production efficiency!

Bulutify allows you to easily manage your entire production process by collecting real-time data from your machines and operators. It digitizes all of your operations from planning to product shipment and enables you to become a paperless factory on the Industry 4.0 platform. Your operations, production looms connect with the internet of things technology. Bulutify is the Easiest Way to Manage Your Production!

Real-time Production Monitoring

Real-time, automatically displays the moment of production of each machine for your production, making your entire production process transparent.

Work Order Management

It transfers all work orders to the relevant workstation and operators and manages workflows automatically according to the company’s priority order.

Downtime Analysis

It instantly captures and automatically collects every stop experienced in the production, allowing you to analyze all downtime and total downtime.

Performance Monitoring

Shift, staff and product based on daily, weekly and monthly performance and follow-up comparative reports are sent to you.


It is integrated into your existing ERP program. Synchronization of products, work orders, bills and product routes are automatically transferred. Production orders can be accessed instantly without any manual data entry.

Plug and Play System

Installation is provided within 10 minutes with the help of a staff without any specialization. You get instant real-time production data.